Malaysia has never allowed dual citizenships

PUTRAJAYA : Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today rubbished said that Malaysia permitted dual citizenships since the 1980s .

He stated this in filling up a report by a Malay daily that a large number of Thai citizens were allowed to have double citizenships , to permit them to leave and enter Malaysia without limitations.

Muhyiddin explained that the Federal Constitution has never allowed dual citizenships as claimed by the news report.

“I don’t think the Federal Constitution allows dual citizenships.

“The constitution is still the same and we have not amended it (on dual citizenships) since Independence,” he told reporters after the ministry’s Excellence Awards (APC) presentation, here, today.

He also said that reports on individuals owning dual citizenships could be lodged with the National Registration Department (JPN) for investigations.

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