Malaysian badminton legend Lee Chong Wei grooms for April come back.

Malaysian badminton legend lee chong wei on monday said that he is planning for a comeback in april.

Considering this first practise session after the completion of chinese new year, probably he could increase his fitness strategy for the upcoming malaysian open.

“So far I’m okay on court and at the gym.What is important is to build muscle and my feeling on court and so far everything is okay, maybe in one or two weeks I’ll be back to normal fitness. That is important for me now.

“I spent one hour and 15 minutes on court and another hour in the gym. Now I will rest and be back on Wednesday. I must push myself slowly, and when the doctor gives me the green light, I will do my full training,” he said.

  • On the other hand,the 36-year-old hopes to regain his title at the malaysia open in april.

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