Malaysians mad at Singapore over hawker stalls heritage

SINGAPORE (AFP): Malaysians are furious 76 as Singapore defended the move to nominate its street food for UN recognition as a bid to “safeguard” local culture after news of this sparked a cross-border culinary clash with Malaysia.

One Facebook user wrote: “When Singapore realised it has no culture that is singularly its own, it will claim what’s others’.”

Singapore and Malaysia have always been at war when it comes to dishes whose to claim and where it originated from, which is often the subject of heated debate. Malaysians claim their food are generally far superior than Singapore.

The city-state is home to many open-air food courts where vendors, known as “hawkers,” serve dishes such as chicken rice, noodles and satays at relatively cheap prices.

Singapore announced last year it would nominate its hawker culture to be designated as intangible cultural heritage by Unesco, and, if successful, it will join items such as traditional Japanese cuisine and Belgian beer on the list.

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