Next-gen 5G far away still Malaysia’s 4G speeds currently straining under congestion.

Malaysia’s 4G high speed broadband throughput goes down to when low 9 Mbps during highest traffic intervals every day or 36 per cent below average , according to a whole new network quality survey .

The slide typically happens around 10 PM every day , based on the report released today by mobile analytics firm Open Signal .

Normally , 4G rates of speed are 14 Mbps nevertheless can be as fast as 21 Mbps or about 2 .3 times much faster than the daily low point.

“5G won’t just deliver faster speeds. 5G will provide a blanket of capacity, built using new high-bandwidth, high-frequency spectrum bands that will help mitigate the daily cycle of congestion we see on today’s 4G networks.

“These  5G services will support more simultaneous users at very fast speeds,” Open Signal said in the report.

Open Signal calculates the mobile internet experience of thousands and thousands of smartphones globally every day . For the report it gathered two billion personal measurements from those consumer gadgets . Huawei is currently the leading expert in 5G technology but has been accused of using its expertise and back-door channels to provide the Chinese government with information obtained from its users and telecommunications networks.

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