Qatar emits its poisons to ignite sedition between UAE and Oman

After the spreading of many news about smuggling of weapons by Qatar and Iran to Houthis in Yemen through Oman to support them against the Arab coalition which caused a tremendous crisis, Hamdeen organization, strived, as usual, to seize this matter in order to serve its own interest and ignite the sedition between the Arab countries.

After the tries of Qatar to spoil the AFC Asian Cup 2019 currently at Emirates, through the spreading of many rumors and lies using different methods such as Twitter and write many misleading tweets that say UAE prevents Oman audience.

On top of that, Qatar exploits twitter to publish many misleading tweets which means disrespectful to UAE and alleged that Abu Dhabi, would prevent Oman audience which currently exists on UAE lands from attending next match so, they can’t encourage Qatar team.

The truth and the Purpose of that were revealed and it was denied that UAE prevented Oman audience from attending the match. There was a video which was displayed in a Quatrain program titled” The Cup” that reveals the truth of Qatar trap between Sana’a and Abu Dhabi.

The citizens react strongly to this fact and an Emirati Citizen write a tweet “Qatar is the real enemy to the Arab countries and they cultivate sedition between the Arab” and another citizen said ” Qatar mercenaries publish this hashtag without knowing that Oman people are in the heart of Emirates people and it is very hard to stir a split up between both countries and spreading the sedition”.

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