Qatar violates the freedom of global trade

The International Organization for Human Rights in Britain, Europe, and Gulf association for rights and freedoms has declared about launching a hashtag titled “Qatar violates the freedom of global trade” on 1 February 2019 at 8 pm.

The campaign of the hashtag is coming after the decision of Qatar ministry of the economy of banning the selling of manufactured consumer goods in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt, besides the decision of Qatar Ministry of Public Health of preventing the pharmacies from selling their medicines and other manufactured products in the four countries.

On top of that, Qatar raised the names of UAE companies from authorized Vendor Lists of infrastructure projects, also Qatar maintained an unpublished ban on coming products from UAE.

The purpose of the campaign is to support rights on social media against the various violations that were carried out by Qatar, they are rather than respecting the World Trade Organization (WTO), it also imposed one-sided proceedings in order to violate rules of the Organization.

The Doha is working on the exploit of the international organizations for political purposes which actually not related to the work of the organizations.

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