Racial Politics Beyond ‘Danger Zone’ – Patriot

PETALING JAYA: The National Patriots Association (Patriot, made up of former military and police officers has called on all parties to abandon race-based politics, saying that racism and racial politicking have crossed into the “danger zone”.

Patriot president Mohamed Arshad Raji said the propagation of race and religion was taking centre stage and if allowed to fester “there is little hope of ever seeing a united Malaysian society” at a very alarming rate.

He mentioned also that the last few by-elections had seen politicians making racially charged speeches aimed at inciting hatred just to secure votes.

This culminated with “one of the most ridiculous statements” that non-Malays should not be appointed as chief justice, attorney-general and finance minister because they could not be sworn in using the Quran, he said.

Arshad said Umno and PAS had become “one-issue” parties harping on Malay supremacy or Malay-Muslim unity against others.

This had also led certain Pakatan Harapan politicians to propagate policies of the Malay agenda, he said.

“We can start to get rid of racism by having non race-based political parties.

“Patriot urges all parties to move towards achieving that purpose in sync with the multiracial nature of our society.

“We have had enough of politics of building obstacles instead of building bridges, enough of politics of ‘they versus us’ and enough of politics of exclusivity and not inclusivity,” he added.

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