Ramadan in New Malaysia

In a month’s time , Muslims are going to observe the holy month of Ramadan.

Lets hope all Malaysians regardless of traditions , lifestyle or faith can join Muslims in Malaysia to deal with this month as a new starting for race and religious relations for this country.

In which governments have failed to instil trust , compassion and respect , we Malaysians should step in and set an example for our children.

A companion of the Prophet described his deeds of charity as “generous like the wind”. The wind is a powerful force but it is invisible to the naked eye.

Ramadan encourages generosity with anonymity. We are also taught that those who offer food for others to break their fast during iftar are rewarded with the fast of the others. Hence the tradition of donating food to the mosque, giving birth to traditions such as “bubur lambuk”.

Fasting during Ramadan is to train the mind and soul to restrain from negative and evil thoughts of others.

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