Red Velvet singer Wendy falls from the stage during rehearsal for Seoul show

SEOUL: Red Velvet singer Wendy fell from the stage and fractured her pelvis during the rehearsal.

The 25-year-old singer is scheduled to give an individual performance in an SBS show in Seoul however, the incident happened during a rehearsal on Dec 25.

According to the Korean girl group’s agency SM Entertainment, Wendy was immediately rushed to the hospital, noting that she suffered fractures in her pelvis and wrist on the right side of her body as well as facial injuries.

“She has been given emergency treatment,” SM noted, adding that it will make all efforts to ensure that her welfare is the top priority for the group for now.

After the incident, Red Velvet, which recently rolled out new album The Reve Festival – Finale, was immediately pulled out of the Christmas Day show.

According to fans who witnessed the incident, Wendy had stepped off a platform but there were no steps to get down to another level, leading her to fall about 2m.

Fans who posted their comments online were furious saying that the broadcaster SBS did not provide a safe working place.

“How did SBS become so careless that they signaled for Wendy to go down the stairs in the dark but there were no stairs?” She could have been killed. She could have been paralysed for life had she injured her spine.

“They need to stop treating entertainers as a commodity and treat them better,” a fan posted.

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