“Sabah CM over Putrajaya: There’s No time to Pick A Fight with the Federal Government”

There might be a continuous tensions because of the decision made by the officials for the past weeks, Sabah’s chief minister, Shafie Apdal expressed that the state would not refrain from following the original motion control order (MCO) despite the Putrajaya regulation authorizing most companies to restart operations under a conditional version.

In response to an alert from senior minister Mohamed Azmin Ali,  Sabah was not seeking to pick a fight with the federal government. But he defended to not waste any time thereon. They need to move forward, and control the epidemic of Covid-19 and the economy. They can’t just look at it from the corporate side but not the human lives.

Morever, Azmin shared that governments are hesitant to pursue the federal strategy of reopening the economy are not operating on the grounds of legal authority. He said the federal government program has already been applied across the country and was enforceable. As a minister for Foreign Trade and Industry, also added that the state governments who refused to comply face being sued by companies for damages.

Shafie, though, highlighted that he was more worried with being sued by people who have lost loved ones because of Covid-19.

Above this, the main thing they want to let them understand was the fact that they may get companies saved, but not lives. If they are gone, they can’t restore them. On a similar topic, he denied that Putrajaya had approached the state on replacing the MCO with a conditional MCO.

This instance highlights the proper action needed to elevate the economy and the country despite the crisis in battling the pandemic virus (COVID-19) and stop the attempts of getting misunderstanding that leads tension between two parties. 

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