Saudi Crown Prince talks about $100 bn investment opportunity in India after meeting PM Modi.

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has said that his country views an opportunity to spend as much as $100 billion in several market sectors in India in the heading few years .

Approaching a mutual press conference with Prime Minister Narendra Modi , the crown prince stated his country had devoted $44 billion since 2016 in India , when PM Modi had toured the country , and had benefitted from it .

“We believe that the (investment) opportunities in India are worth more than $100 billion. Together we want to make these investments beneficial for both India and Saudi Arabia,” he said.

“We want to diversify in other areas such as petrochemicals and storage,” he said.

“We want to make the relations between India and Saudi Arabia beneficial for both countries,” he said.

“These investments will help benefit the Indians in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi people who are working in India,” he said.

He said that Saudi Arabia had taken a leaf out of India’s book and had invested in the IT sector after PM Modi’s 2016 visit.

“We know India is strong in the IT sector and we have invested a lot in Saudi Arabia in the IT sector and have benefitted from it,” he said.


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