Selling of copies of Holy Quran online without the Home Ministry’s approval

The public must be cautious during buying copies and translation of the Holy Quran online because some copies were printed without the approval of the Home Ministry.

Kedah chapter of KDN Enforcement and Control Division director Zaki Mohamed stated this matter happened because there was a lot of the online sale of copies of the Quran, particularly through social networking sites, like Facebook and Instagram which are very popular today as an instrument of selling and marketing many products.

On February 7, the division seized 178 copies of the Holy Quran in different sizes worth RM23, 140 from premises in Sungai Petani.

Zaki Mohamed said to the reporters that copies of the Quran were being sold through Facebook and they were published without the approval of the Home Ministry.

In the end, he added that copies of the Holy Quran required KDN approval before selling or distributed to the public to secure the sanctity and prevent distortion of the Quranic texts and materials.

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