Sg Kim Kim clean-up to cost RM6.5mil

KUALA LUMPUR: Yeo Bee Yin, the Environment, Science, Technology and Climate Change Minister confirmed that cleaning up pollutants from the 1.5km stretch of Sungai Kim Kim where chemicals were illegally dumped will cost approximately RM6.5mil.

She added that the cost of the operation as a whole would be more than RM10mil.Yeo said the Sungai Kim Kim toxic waste dumping was a wake-up call for enforcement and environmental laws to be strengthened.

She said that the Ministry was working with the Attorney General to make the culprit pay for the clean-up costs.

While the Environmental Quality Act was already being reviewed, the Sungai Kim Kim incident would speed up the tabling of the law in Parliament.

Yeo said the upcoming law would address this issue and hold irresponsible companies.

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