Temple protesters smash windows of One City building

The gathering at the Sri Maha Mariamman Devasthanam temple in USJ 25 has descended into chaos as protesters are now committing acts of vandalism.

Earlier at about 2.10am, the group marched to the One City building about a kilometre away and began smashing the building’s windows by hurling stones.

During the incident, one of Malay Mail’s photographer, Mohamad Azinuddin Ghazali, had his camera’s memory card confiscated by the group, and one of them hurled a fist-sized stone at him. He did not sustain any injuries.

The One City building is owned by One City Development Sdn Bhd, the developer at the centre of the Sri Maha Mariamman Devasthanam temple clash.

It is understood that glass walls, parked vehicles and signboards were destroyed by projectiles thrown by the protesters such as bricks, stones and vehicle body parts.

Police subsequently deployed teams of armoured operatives from the General Operations Forces (PGA) in response to the acts of vandalism.

As of 3.30am, the areas surrounding the One City building remained a secured area, with PGA and Federal Reserve Unit conducting perimeter patrols.

Deputy home minister Datuk Mohd Azis Jamman is here, in a bid to try and prevent matters from escalating further.

Expressing his disappointment and sadness at the issue, Azis said it was ‘too much’ after the group vandalized public properties by taking matters into their own hand.

“We cannot take the law into our own hand.

“This is over limit and I hope this does not repeat again,” he told reporters when met.

Azis also schooled political leaders in general by asking them to tone down on sensitive issues, stating that this incident should be a lesson to all.

“This has never been a race issue, but a dispute between the developers and the land owners,” he said.

He pointed out that the police have been very accommodating to the group as the authorities had been monitoring them the entire time to ensure no violence is committed.

“We are not taking sides, but controlling the situation by not allowing them to do as they please,” he said.

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