The Google One subscription plan is now in Malaysia.

Google is generating its Google One subscription plan to Malaysia , providing more storage at lesser price , storage sharing and even expert assistance .

The deal allows users to update their Google Drive experience , switching the previous Google Drive subscription ideas .

The plans are priced at a monthly rate, at RM8.49 for 100GB, RM11.99 for 200GB, RM42.99 for 2TB, RM429.99 for 10TB, RM859.99 for 20TB and RM1,289.99 for 30TB.

The lower storage plans also come with annual subscriptions at RM84.99 for 100 GB and RM119.99 for 200 GB.Additional features include access to Google’s Experts for technical support, Google Play credits and special hotel pricing.

The plan was introduced in the United States nine months ago, before being rolled out worldwide on a country-to-country basis.

Google One vice-president Pavni Diwanji said the move was to accommodate mobile phones with limited physical storage, large files from formats like 4K video and high-res photography, and people migrating to the cloud.



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