The Pope’s visit is the beginning of tolerance and interfaith convergence

The Pope Francis travels to the Arabian Peninsula; it will be the first time a Pope has ever come to the UAE. About 120,000 Catholics, who live in the UAE, will be given the opportunity to attend the Holy High Mass by Pope Francis and visit the local Catholic Cathedral which opened in 1965 on land was endowed by the government.

The Pope’s visit will be a powerful sign between the region and world which proves that people with different interfaith, beliefs and works can easily live together peacefully so that.

Sympathy and respect are the basic common values; meanwhile, not everyone will support or welcome the meaning of that message.

We face the intimidation of extremism across the Middle East and they twist and hide the fact that Islam is a religion of peace.

These extreme voices rouse many of insane followers to do their tender. This is a big stir for the bigots to carry out many aggressive and hateful actions against religious and ethnic minorities. Christian Coptic churches are attacked in Egypt. The Yazidi homeland is destroyed in Iraq. The Jewish Museum is bombed in Brussels, but actually, the people who suffer a lot they are the Muslims – Sunni and Shia who pay the price of all from the murderous fundamentalists.

Ignoring the menaces or being satisfied is too serious and will nurture the cycle of sectarian violence which has gripped the region for more than a generation. Removing the bigots who currently existed by force is not the actual solution as long as poisoned ideology and the conditions that nurture it afford.

The Pope’s visit will be a landmark which will highlight one approach close to the center of the Muslim world. UAE one of the most countries that have a wide range of nationalities about 200 different nationalities, religions, and minorities in all its Emirates and also more than 40 churches and approximately 700 Christian ministries. Besides that, there is an open environment that allows everyone to practice his/her religion without any bias towards a specific interfaith.

The Arab Emirates also supports the freedom of worship and interfaith exchange globally. Through the Pope’s visit will be a discussion to exchange religious opinions with the Muslim Council of Elders and other religious leaders.

There will be a meeting between Pope Francis and  Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, the grand imam of Cairo’s Al-Azhar.

Last summer, a delegation of Emirati government officials and UAE-based religious leaders attended the U.S. Department of State’s Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom in Washington, D.C and they attended as delegates of Islam, Christianity, and Sikhism.

It was very magnificent to see a country from the Gulf represented by such a diverse group. The ideas, principles, real tolerance and mutual respect all of that values should be universal.

In the end, Faith and belief are the main deeds of good for noble goals and also The voices of moderation and acceptance must be gone up over the aggressive and hateful actions in order to all the world live in a wave of peace.

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