Trump To Farmers: “LOVE YOU!” But I Still Want To Cut Your Subsidies

President Donald Trump’s “I LOVE YOU !” tweet to farmers is dealing with another challenge : budget cuts that will reduce subsidies for crop insurance coverage and small growers . 

Trump’s 2020 funds , released Monday , calls for a 15 percentage funding drop for the Department of Farming , citing “overly generous” subsidies . The president is looking to get one of the largest-ever cuts to domestic discretionary investing in a $4 .7 trillion fiscal 2020 budget proposal that also improves defense spending and adds $8 .6 billion for building a border wall .

The plan would trim the USDA budget by $3.6 billion to $20.8 billion, lowering subsidies for crop insurance premiums to 48 percent from 62 percent, and limiting subsidies for growers who make less than $500,000 annually.

In December, the president tweeted, “Farmers, I LOVE YOU!” On Monday, the National Farmers Union criticized the White House budget proposal, saying, “It’s time the president’s policy proposals and rhetoric acknowledge the financial pain in farm country.”

“We are very disappointed that the president takes the position that he does, but many of these cuts were discussed in the ag committees of both the House and the Senate when they put together the farm bill, and they were rejected,” said Gene Paul, legislative coordinator at the National Farmers Organization.

“Crop insurance is probably more important now than ever because of lower farm incomes and tariffs put in place by the president” Paul said. “The president just doesn’t get it.”’

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