UAE’s Mars probe to make history as first for the Arab world

DUBAI – The United Arab Emirates has its eyes set on their new space project, joining the elite club by sending a probe to planet Mars.

UAE plans to make history on Wednesday as the “Hope” mission launches, making it the first Arab nation to send an actual proble to Mars. The unmanned spacecraft will take off from Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.

This first Arab produced probe will be one of three racing to Mars, including USA’s Mars 2020 and China’s Tianwen-1. But unlike the other two, The Emirati probe will not be landing on the Red Planet.

The probe “Hope” — or Al-Amal in Arabic is expected to be in Mar’s orbit by February 2021 as it will mark the 50th anniversary of its unification of the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE spacecraft will loop the planet for a whole Martian year — 687 days. It’s mission is to provide a comprehensive image of the planet’s weather dynamics and its atmosphere to look for scientific breakthrough with the end goal of building human settlement in the planet for the next 100 years.

Dubai has hired architects to imagine what Mars will look like by recreating it in its desert a “space city” with the total cost of around RM580.5 million.
Last September, Hazza al-Mansouri becomes the first Emirati in space, he returned home after an eight-day mission where he also became the Arab to visit the Internation space station.

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