Azmin: “More measures would also be undertaken to raise the income and purchasing power of the rakyat”

The Government will ensure that the country’s development is inclusive, so that it will benefit all Malaysians, said Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.

In the preface to the Mid-Term Review of the Eleventh Malaysia Plan document, Azmin said this could be achieved by balancing economic growth with the need to strengthen the country’s finances.

“Thus, high-impact socio-economic development projects will be continued to improve the well-being of the rakyat. “In addition, the existing development gaps between states will be narrowed by giving greater emphasis to the less developed states, particularly Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis, to ensure a more balanced regional growth,” said Azmin.

He said more measures would also be undertaken to raise the income and purchasing power of the rakyat, especially the bottom 40% of the household income group (B40).

The mid-term review, said Azmin, outlines six pillars to support inclusive growth and sustainable development, namely:

* To reform governance towards greater transparency and enhance efficiency of public services;

* To enhance inclusive development and the well-being of the rakyat;

* To pursue balanced regional development;

* To empower human capital;

* Enhancing environmental sustainability through green growth, and;

* To lay the foundation to strengthen economic growth across all sectors of the economy.

Azmin urged the private sector and the people to work together with the Government to ensure the successful implementation of these new priorities and emphases in the remaining Plan period.

“The new Government will assure that the fruits of development will be enjoyed by all,” he said.

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