Maszlee responds to ‘attack’ KJ

 After Rembau Member of Parliament, Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar in the Dewan Rakyat today, Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik responded to the ‘attack’ of the former UMNO Youth Chief. 

Maszlee said he was aware of all the education issues that have been used as an ‘ingredient’ of the opposition in recent times, including the Supplementary Food Plan (RMT) program and the 1Malaysia Milk Program. 

“Only KJ (Khairy Jamaluddin) knows, I know about the corruption and misconduct of the previous government in the RMT school until warned by the National Audit Department.

“I also know the loss of milk from the milk aid program in the past,” he was quoted through his social Facebook page today.

He also uploaded a document on the National Audit Department’s reprimand on the RMT program dated March 1, 2016. 

Among the criticisms included the delay in allocating allocations to the district education office and meals did not follow the set menu. 

Maszlee pointed out, the RMT is not a breakfast aid project targeted at the B40s that are currently in the pipeline to be implemented. 

“Many children in rural and poor cities go to school with empty stomachs and only eat in the afternoon through RMT. 

” I went to schools and heard the groans of children, “he said.

Also, the Simpang Renggam MP is well aware that several ministry projects are being made through direct talks when the former government is among the diesel issue in Sarawak. 

Maszlee in a cynical tone also congratulated Khairy Jamaluddin for his education. 

“I think you are wiser than those who are YB horsetails, please prove you are wiser than they are,” he said. 

In the discussion session of the 2019 Budget today, Khairy Jamaluddin is seen to be sarcastic with Maszlee for allegedly being too busy giving unnecessary suggestions and statements. 

In the meantime, Maszlee also commented on the impersonation of Khairy Jamaluddin on his personal Twitter yesterday.

“Thank you for ‘nice words’ in tweet yesterday. Can not wait to see your new party …,” he said. 

Yesterday, Khairy Jamaluddin uploaded his picture with former Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli as they attended the National High School Fund Corporation (PTPTN) debate organized by Sinar Harian in 2012 and also looked at Maszlee’s role as moderator of the program at that time.

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