Dr Mahathir, Bersatu’s Chairperson invites Malay parties including Umno to join his party

Bersatu’s President, Dr Mahathir Mohamad today invited all Malay parties including Umno to join his party in efforts to unite the Malays.

He said that he found more and more Malay parties were being formed which reduced the potentials of the Malay parties to win the election.

“Yes, join Bersatu. When our group is big, we become strong, but don’t stop others from joining the party, let them join.”

Mahathir also reminded all party members to maintain their loyalty to the party and the party’s struggles instead of being loyal to a certain leader.

He also reminded the party’s leadership line-up to take the episode of Umno’s loss in Johor, which was known to be the party’s “stronghold”, as an important lesson.

“What is obvious is that no matter how strong the party is, if it had strayed, it would become weak. This is the lesson that we get from the Johor incident.

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