Dr Mahathir Mohamad praises the role of Abdul Rahim Noor in southern Thailand

Source: Malaysia Kini

PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad praised the role played by Malaysian facilitator, Abdul Rahim Noor, in peace talks to end the cycle of violence in southern Thailand.

He said the peace talks between the master body representing the tribes of Mara Patani and the Thai government went well, but the solution will surely take time.

“Finding a settlement in southern Thailand is a bit hard, because the dispute involves many factions. We have to call all factions to ask their views and their interests,” he said at a news conference after receiving a doctorate of social, business and political leadership from Rangsit University , Bangkok, today.

PM said that he had just once or twice met Abdul Rahim who served as the facilitator of the southern Thai peace attempt.

Abdul Rahim was declared as a peace talks facilitator in southern Thailand on August 25 replacing Datuk Seri Ahmad Zamzamin Hashim.

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