Dr. Wee reacts to vicious political agenda

PETALING JAYA: Education Ministry was called out by Datuk Seri Dr. Wee Ka Siong to explain its contradictory statements regarding Rakan Siswa Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim) being allowed to carry out preaching activities (aktiviti dakwah) in schools.

According to reports, the issue started in a ministry circular to all state education directors, titled “Permission for Rakan Siswa Yadim to conduct dawah (religious propagation) in schools, teacher education institutes, polytechnics, community colleges, public universities and selected private universities in Malaysia.

“The MCA president slammed those with “vicious political agenda” and trying to paint him as wanting to play up the issue on his facebook post on Wednesday (Dec 25) “What was reported by the media eventually turned into ‘Wee Ka Siong revelation.’

“Whichever party that tried to allege that I was playing up the racial issue and equalising MCA with the DAP clearly have its own vicious political agenda.

“These are also the people who do not know me or follow my updates, including what I have been fighting for the people all this while.

“My only wish is to uphold the harmony of the Malaysian plural society,” he said in the posting.

The posting, which was written in Bahasa Malaysia also includes a timeline to show how the Education Ministry responded following the report by Sin Chew.

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