Hishammuddin the best candidate for BN secretary-general – analyst

Hishammuddin is a leader who can interact with opposition leaders and this is a characteristic of a leader that BN needs.

“As the BN is now an opposition and wants to restore the people’s confidence, leaders like Hishammuddin are accepted by all races.

“Therefore, trying to appoint him as the BN Secretary-General is a wise and accurate step,” he told Astro AWANI.

Hishammuddin’s leadership, said Dr Mohamad Tawfik, should not be underestimated by UMNO leaders and even BN component party leaders.

He said UMNO leaders should learn from past mistakes and ensure that it does not repeat itself as the BN recovery effort is in full swing.

“Don’t be selfish, take the initiative to revitalize and strengthen the BN by putting the right leaders in it. “Hishammuddin is the right choice for the BN Secretary-General because he has vast experience in politics,” he added.

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