Isa Samad talking about Port Dickson

As the Port Dickson elections are going on these days, Tan sri Mohd Isa bin Abdul Samad talked about how many supporters he has and how his campaign is getting help from a lot of people. He also confirmed that everything within these elections is going perfectly for him.

“I am Port Dickson, and Port Dickson is me.”

By these words, The Port Dickson by-election candidate Tan sri Isa Samad described how he gets supported in the current situation.

As the only local candidate running for the coming polls, Isa agreed with Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s recent comment which described Port Dickson as “Isa’s ultimate home ground”.

“Yes, that is correct,” Isa said in an interview with the New Straits Times today.

Isa said his friends and family members formed his campaign machinery.

“I may not have a huge party support, but I’m still backed by the same people who helped in the previous elections.” Isa Samad said.

” The 14th general election was not that long ago, so there are still things (equipment, manpower) that are available.” He confirmed.

He also criticized Pakatan Harapan candidate Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for claiming that the independent candidates were “bothersome.”
“He (Anwar) is the one who is bothering the people of Port Dickson. If the incumbent (Datuk) Danyal (Balagopal Abdullah) did not vacate his seat, Port Dickson would have remained peaceful.
“His (Anwar) party is the one bothering us. The people here had already voted for his party before. But he came here and bother us.” Isa confirmed.

Apparently, the confident way Isa Samad is speaking in maybe means more than what actually appears. Isa is somehow bothered with Anwar’s actions and willing to win the elections to prove his popularity and the love of people for him.

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