Joe Biden Inches Towards Declaring a 2020 US Presidential Bid

Washington : Former US vice president Joe Biden decreased teasing hints Tuesday that he might soon announce a 2020 White House campaign , telling a determined crowd that he may require their energy “in a few weeks .”

The Democratic elder statesman has been mulling challenging against President Donald Trump for months .

While he tops nearly all early polls for the Democratic nominations race, strategists and election observers have stressed that he is under pressure to enter the crowded field soon, or bow out.

Biden, a consensus-building pragmatist and Washington establishment fixture, is almost certain to jump in, with a campaign kickoff expected by mid-April, sources recently told The New York Times.

“I appreciate the energy you showed when I got up here,” the 76-year-old told the fire fighters. “Save it a little longer. I may need it in a few weeks.”

The room rose in unison for a standing ovation, and Biden laughed as he said “be careful what you wish for.”

The event, attended by Biden’s wife Jill, could easily have been mistaken for a campaign stop.

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