Mukhriz willing to play bigger role, not fixated on PM post

Mukhriz Mahathir is not obsessed with becoming the prime minister but he is preparing to assume a bigger role in the federal administration.

“I am open and it really depends on the leadership at that time on where I’m suited best,” he said.

The son of the Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad added that he is not ambitious unlike those who have their hearts set on assuming the coveted post.

“As and when it is seen necessary for the country that I would be placed at the federal level, I am willing and able to assume that responsibility,” he said.

According to Kedah Menteri Besar, there would not be a concerted effort from his side to elevate him to become prime minister.

The rumour about the existence of an agreed timeline for his father who just recently celebrated its 94th birthday, to hand over the reins to PKR President Anwar Ibrahim was also denied by Mukhriz.

“There was no agreement that it has to be two years.

“There may have been suggestions like that, but nothing was stated on paper or in a verbal agreement,” he said.

Before passing the baton, Mahathir should be allowed the time to fix the nation’s economic woes. This is the general consensus in Pakatan Harapan, according to Mukhriz.

He also dismissed the claims of a power tussle within Harapan or that Mahathir preferred Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali compared to Anwar to succeed him. “My sense is that since the majority believes that Anwar is the appointed heir, he (Mahathir) should be given enough time to do what he needs to do,” he added.

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