PM: Freedom of information to replace OSA

A Freedom of Information Act will drawn up to replace the Official Secrets Act 1972, said PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said a cabinet special committee on anti-corruption which met today. Cabinent agreed in principle that sufficient time must given to the process of drawing up the law.

The meeting also discussed the extent of the Government Procurement Act which would drafted by the Finance Ministry.

Mahathir said the bill can expected to present formally for discussion in Parliament in the middle of 2020.

Plans on re-evaluating the roles of political secretaries were also discussed.

Talks of ammending the Audit Act 1957 to further ensure the autonomy of the National Audit Department and the Auditor General.

The National Anti-Corruption Committee Meeting also informed The Cabinet Special Committee on Anti-Corruption of the recent findings. There was a need to increase the awareness and anti-corruption training given to the civil servants. This include strengthening the modules and empowering the integrity units in public agencies.

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