German cancer researcher becomes the first woman to win 4000km cycling race

Fiona Kolbinger, a 24 year old German cancer researcher, has become the first woman to win the annual 4,000KM Transcontinental cycling race on Monday.

Kolbinger arrived in Brest after 10 days and 2 hours and 48 minutes. She was one of the 265 riders who participated on the event. She led an almost 6 hours over her next challenger, Ben Davies.

“When I was coming into the race, I thought that maybe I could go for the women’s podium, but I never thought I could win the whole race. I think I could have gone harder. I could have slept less,” she added. The seventh edition of this 4,000km Transcontinental Race traverses from Burgas, Bulgaria to Brest, France.

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