ICC says India sought permission to wear camouflage caps in Ranchi

The Indian cricket team was permitted permission to wear camouflage caps during a one-day international against Australia in Ranchi , the ICC said Monday . 

MS Dhoni dispersed the caps among his team members before Friday’s toss for the third ODI in an effort to pay tribute to 40 Indian soldiers killed in a panic attack in Pulwama .

“The BCCI sought permission from the ICC to wear the caps as part of a fundraising drive and in memory of fallen soldiers who have died, which was granted,” ICC spokeswoman Claire Furlong told The Associated Press in an e-mail on Monday.

The move by the Board of Control for Cricket in India was heavily criticized in Pakistan. Information minister Fawad Chaudhry even called for the ICC to ban the Indian cricket team for mixing politics with sports.

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