Imran Tahir to retire from ODIs after World Cup

SOUTH AFRICA : Tahir, who stated his intention to continue in T20 Internationals at least until the 2020 T20 World Cup, is currently contracted to Cricket South Africa until July 31 and will reassess his freelance future following the tournament.

“I have always wanted to play in the World Cup,” Tahir said. “It would be a great achievement for me to play for this great team. I have a mutual understanding with Cricket South Africa and going forward I decided that I would finish at the World Cup, that is why I am contracted until then.”

“After that, Cricket South Africa has allowed me to go and play around the world in various leagues but I would also love to play T20 cricket for South Africa. I think I have the ability and can play a role in T20 cricket for South Africa. I am grateful for the opportunity,” he added.

“I would love to play for as long as I can,” Tahir said. “But there is a stage in your life where you have to make big decisions, this is one of those big decisions, it is definitely the biggest decision of my life. I also feel there are a couple of good spinners in the country who need the opportunity. We are fighting for the same spot, but looking to the future, they will have more opportunities to play for South Africa.”

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