Krasniqi is to wear the Malaysian shirt

Source: NST

Malaysia attracts the good players due to its kindness and goodness to them alongside its help. Krasniqi, the former midfielder of Kedah, announced that it’s his honor to wear the malaysian shirt and represent the country which helped him making his own reputation since 2015.

Malaysia’s football association (FAM) will have Krasniqi alongside Kuala Lumpur’s Guilherme De Paula and Terengganu’s Lee Tuck as its players.

Krasniq, who is Kosovo Albanian, i is happy with that decision and he encourages Malaysia to do this scouting of foreign players as it happens all the time in Europe.

He expressed his happiness to lure the FAM’s interest ensuring that if this becomes real he will always do his best to Malaysia.

He also described Malaysia as his second home pointing at what Malaysia did and still doing for him.

He also said: “If I get an offer from Malaysia, I will not turn it down because I want to play for their national team. I need to serve two more years with a Malaysian club before I can qualify under Fifa regulations.”


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