Lucrecio to wear Malaysia’s shirt

Source: The star

Guilherme de Paula Lucrecio, the Brazilian, announced that he is willing to represent Malaysia and wear its shirt.

Lucrecio is one of the foreigner players noticed by the football association of Malaysia (FAM) to represent Malaysia after spending 5 years in the Malaysian league.

He said on Saturday after a game played against Penang: “It’ll be an honour to wear the Malaysian jersey. The people here have warmed up to me, and I’ve lots of respect for the people of Malaysia,”

“I’ll be ready for the call-up if the association want me to play for Malaysia.”

He also said that his wife is very happy in Malaysia and if everything keeps going well he will be wearing the Malaysia shirt by 2020.


The chairman of the Naturalisation Program Committee and FAM deputy president Datuk Mohd Yusoff Mahadi said that Lucrecio was on their radar to be naturalised players.

Lee Tuck, The Terengganu midfielder, was said to be given Malaysian citizenship because he is eligible to play for Malaysia due to his Malaysian grandmother.

Lucrecio scored two goals to help Kuala Lumpur in their 4-1 win in the friendly against Penang.

He also mentioned his desire to help his team, Kuala Lumpur, stay in the super league.

“Also, I want to break the goal-scoring record in Kuala Lumpur and bag the Super League top scorer award.” He said.

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