“Maradona Reminded that Despite the Lack of Play, the Bowlers Won’t Lose Competitive Edge”

The Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress (MTBC) is not troubled about the lack of play this year by the national team. Their secretary general, Maradona Chok, is optimistic the bowlers can continue to provide their utmost in training and stay inspired given the unimaginable chances of finishing the year without participating in a single tournament.

The national team is failed to go on any assignment abroad because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most competitions across the globe are actually either postponed or canceled until November. Still dangling in the balance is the fate of two tournaments – the Malaysian Open (Nov 22-28) and the Thailand Open (Nov 30-Dec 12).

He don’t believe there would be any shortage of inspiration for their players just because they don’t have to participate in any game. Telling these are all professionals and they know exactly what’s at stake. They said they are fully informed that somebody could take their spot if they let their guard down.

Maradona said the MTBC also plans to lift the level of internal roll-offs to gage their shape. It will play a crucial role in team selection for upcoming tournaments, especially in January of next year’s Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships in Hong Kong. They even planned to do a monthly roll-off, maybe this is an chance for us to do so. During the past, we couldn’t do it because of strict schedules for the game.

However, they will see what the coaches are saying so they believe such roll-offs will effectively substitute for the absence of tournaments. Highlighting that they are challenging as actual tournaments as they are going to bring their bowlers into some of the most difficult oiling patterns. That should hold them onto their toes.

Training for the national team is set to return to full force with all senior backup members and national youth members reporting for duty. After June 15 the first-team has resumed their training.

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