“New Normal in Football: M-League teams are to begin non-contact training on 15 June”

On June 15th, the Ministry of Youth and Sports gave all teams and combat sports permission to begin training.

Minister of Youth and Sports Reezal Merican Naina Merican said all athletes were permitted to perform exercise, as long as participants minimize body interaction by keeping physical distance of three to five metres.

He noted, though, that competitive sports such as football , basketball, soccer, and netball, as well as action sports such as karate, taekwondo, and martial arts, were also not permitted to stage matches.

This is a start much like the English Football League which has embarked on the first training phase without contact with the body. However, with the permission of Malaysia’s Ministry of Health and the National Security Council (MKN), they will use their own SOP.

However, he shared that if Malaysia Football Association (FAM) decided to do full-scale training involving body touch, FAM will have to submit to MKN. He said the training should use the Path to Tokyo (RTT) program’s quarantine-based approach to ensuring students, coaches and workers are healthy.

Premier Muhyiddin Yassin stated yesterday that several forms of sports and leisure practices will restart under the Recovery Movement Control Order with the implementation of the related SOP.

In another change, Reezal said motorsports were also not permitted to hold competitions to avoid spectators from assembling, however for vehicle training it was authorized to ‘road day’ for two-wheel and four-wheel motorsports. Motorsports may resume again as it does not require near touch.

Meanwhile, Reezal said the ministry will declare a grant for regional sports bodies that have been impacted by the Movement Control Order enforcement.

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