Nicol David’s retirement: End of an era: Chong Wei

The statement that Datuk Nicol David is retiring from squash spots the end of an era of a legendary squash player of global fame .

Chong Wei stated Nicol was a superstar who was recognized worldwide and the 35-year-old athlete and her achievements in winning world championships had inspired local and overseas athletes .

‘’We are from one batch. Nicol is an athlete who has high ambition and does not easily give up.”

‘’All and sundry knows her achievement as the world’s number one player for nine years is an extraordinary achievement and tough to be matched or surpassed by any athlete. We must respect her decision. Any athlete will retire when the time comes.”

‘’I hope she will continue to sow good deeds by sharing her experience and helping young national players. I also wish her best of luck, if she wants to focus on business,’’  Chong Wei added.

Chong Wei stated the country might be losing a star who had the complete package in sporting including a professional personality and she was always explored to .

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