North Korea broke its promise to give video footage

SEOUL: Quoting a South Korea unification ministry official, reports said that North Korea had agreed to provide South Korea with a video of an inter-Korean World Cup qualifier to be held on Tuesday (Oct 15) in Pyongyang, after Seoul’s push to televise the match live fell through.

The video is promised to be given by the North to the South’s delegation before it departs from Pyongyang on Wednesday (Oct 16) afternoon after the match, to be held at 5.30 pm Tuesday.

The delegation is expected to arrive back home via Beijing early Thursday (Oct 17).  They had pushed for live broadcasting of Tuesday’s match, but negotiations with the North fell apart.

The match believed to be the first since 1990 when the two Koreas held friendly in the North Korean capital. According to the ministry official, who wants to be unknown, they have been promised to receive a DVD containing footage of the game, adding

that the file will be available to a South Korean audience after the footballers return home.

However, North Korea has stayed silent on  Seoul’s repeated calls to allow South Korean spectators and reporters to visit Pyongyang for the upcoming match.

A press room has been set up in Kim Il Sung Stadium, where South Korean staff accompanying the players will be stationed to deliver relevant information during the game, the official said. Meanwhile, the official said that FIFA President Gianni Infantino will travel to Pyongyang to watch Tuesday’s inter-Korean football match, without providing other details on his trip to the North.

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