Apple has reportedly confirmed it is firing 190 employees from its ambitious self-driving car project called Titan

Based on a report in San Francisco Chronicle late Wednesday , the Cupertino -based organization has let go mostly engineers , including 38 engineering program managers , 33 hardware engineers , 31 product design engineers and 22 software engineers .

The layoffs in Santa Clara and Sunnyvale might take effect from April 16 , based on an Apple filing with the California Employment Development Department . 

CNBC revealed in January that layoffs were growing in Apple’s self-driving car division . Apple earlier cut hundreds of jobs in the self-driving car section in 2016 . 

In August 2018 , Tesla’s an early engineering Vice President Doug Field was selected by Apple to lead team Titan .

The iPhone-maker is also said to be applying some of the Titan-technology into a self-driving shuttle program titled “Palo Alto to Infinite Loop” or “PAIL” — intended to ferry Apple employees between the Bay Area campuses, using specially modified Volkswagen vans, the report added.

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