Digi rolls out eSIM support

Digi has finally released their eSIMs and is allowing all subscribers to migrate, though they must go to a physical Digi store to do so.

The telco states the eSIM service is available for all Digi Postpaid, Digi Prepaid and Digi Broadband customers; that are able to file a Change SIM request.

Although an eSIM, or embedded SIM, is essentially built into the smartphone, subscribers will need to go in person to a participating Digi Store and request for a SIM Replacement (Change SIM) for eSIM.

Digi adds that eSIM is not immediately available for new Digi Postpaid Family and Digi Prepaid registrations, though they can first request for a SIM Replacement after completing registration.

Digi explains that an eSIM is able to download a network profile from the telco provider, allowing it to use services such as voice calls, SMS, and mobile internet. 

To set up and activate the eSIM, subscribers must be using an eSIM enabled smartphone and get a QR code from Digi that contains the unique SIM profile for their device.

Currently, only the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are listed as compatible with eSIMs on the Digi website, and the operating software must be updated to iOS 12.2 or later.

Digi says the benefits of having eSIM include being able to use two SIM identities simultaneously and doing away with needing to physically insert a SIM card.

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