Huawei’s new OS may be named Ark OS instead of HongMeng

Reports have surfaced that the OS may be named “Ark OS” instead of the initially thought HongMeng.

Huawei’s in a tight spot right now as many vendors and businesses sever ties with the Chinese manufacturer.

It seems like Huawei had anticipated this move for awhile and has been working on their very own OS.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) had received and published multiple trademarks filings from Huawei on the 24th of May. The filing seeks to patent the “Huawei Ark OS”, “Huawei Ark” and “Ark OS” names, hinting that one of these names would be chosen for their OS.

So far, no announcement or confirmation has been done from Huawei in regards to this name but it is a huge step up over HongMeng in terms of global likeability.

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