Local tech to drive creation of Malaysia’s first flying car.

KUALA LUMPUR : Malaysia’s very first flying car is going to be driven by local technology , says Minister of Entrepreneur Development Datuk Seri Redzuan Md Yusof .

He stated the car’s prototype is actually available and is supposed to be unveiled to the public this year . 

“This year is a realistic target because we have the technology. It is all about speed of implementation,“ he told reporters after launching the Growth Malaysia initiative here today.

He said the car would be safe and capable of flying at low altitude at a reasonable speed.“Investment to build the prototype would be slightly over RM1 million,“ he said.

Mohd Redzuan said the flying car project is a way for the government to create an environment that stimulates people to think about new technology.

“As the world evolves to going digital, offline businesses especially those in food and beverages and retail need to catch up and adapt to the growing shift in the behaviour of consumers or else risk being left behind,“ he said.

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