Nintendo Switch Online adopts less predictable release schedule in Japan

Departing from a regular monthly schedule in favor of something less predictable, Nintendo’s Japanese division has adjusted expectations for the timing of retro game releases for Switch Online subscribers

The company’s Japanese branch has noted that future additions won’t necessarily adhere to what had been a monthly release schedule. This is after they welcomed 20 retro Super Nintendo games to Nintendo’s online access subscription scheme.

Nintendo has been uploading a selection of between three to five NES titles mid-month since it debuted their Switch Online in September 2018 with a cache of 20 Nintendo Entertainment System games which is available for online subscribers to download and enjoy, along with the scheme’s more generally applicable multiplayer access and voice chat features.

However, Nintendo appears to favour an extra element of novelty and surprise, noting on its Japanese language guide to the scheme that future updates would be released on a more “irregular” or unpredictable basis.

Without giving explanation for the change, the move coincides with social media complaints about predictability as well as with Nintendo’s historical affection for surprising players with novel approaches to video game hardware and software. Switch Online’s SNES-inclusive era began with a package including several quintessential contributions to not just the SNES era but video gaming history as a whole, such as Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past, Super Metroid and foundational role-playing adventure Breath Of Fire.

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