Nokia’s ‘banana’ phone can now use WhatsApp

The Nokia 8110, or more commonly known as the “banana phone”, is confirmed that it will support WhatsApp locally.

HMD Global, the manufacturer of phones under the Nokia brand, announced that the phone now supports the messaging app, which is available for download in its store.

Though the Nokia 8110 has been available locally since July 2018, it lacked the popular messaging platform which was first introduced to users in India this April.

In a press release, HMD Global country manager (Malaysia and Myanmar) Vijay Thangavelu said millions of people stay in touch with their loved ones through messaging apps like WhatsApp, thus why the company wanted to bring this to fans of the retro classic.

It runs on the Smart Feature OS powered by the KaiOS platform, which brings to feature phones such smartphone features as Google’s suite of applications from Google Assistant to Maps and Search, plus apps like Facebook.

The ‘banana’ phone also has hardware features like WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth and 4G. Priced at RM299, it has a 2-megapixel camera with LED flash and a 2.4in curved display, and 512MB RAM with 4GB internal memory.

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