” Pokemon Go Deactivated the Battle League because of a Cheating Exploit “

In view of various exploit’posts, Niantic has issued a statement for their Pokemon Go players and has disabled all Pokemon Go Battle League battles until further notice. The firm did not specify, though, what the exploit was.

As a team, they believe that in the Go Battle League there is a confidence contract and people should always feel their knowledge and ability to determine the outcome of their fighting. Cheating attacks this contract of trust directly, and they have zero tolerance for that.

While the company did not write about the details of that exploit, yesterday, Pokemon Go fan and YouTuber JRskatr shared a video showing a feat he found in the Pokemon Melmetal. He said Melmetal could use its charged move, Rock Slide, far more frequently in the exploit. This gives players an extremely unfair advantage when using Melmetal.

There are also players on Twitch who posted videos from the video of JRskatr fighting with the same guy. Also the consumer in question climbed very rapidly over the last two days to the top spot on the leaderboard.

Morever they have disabled the Go Fight League because of this zero tolerance policy and the current situation. They are just as adamant about their policy of never commenting on the specifics of the individual accounts inquiries.

The company also shared their process when the potential exploit is identified.

Analysis of the issue — Rash action (i.e. no analysis) can resolve the immediate issue; however, it leaves the door open for the exploit to return in the future.

Determine severity — Based on their analysis, they will determine (a) the level of technical knowledge needed to abuse the exploit and (b) the extent to which the exploit is detrimental to the integrity of the Go Battle League.

Mitigate as a result

They highlighted that they don’t know yet when Niantic will allow the Pokemon Go Battle League, as there’s still a lot of work going on behind the scenes. They will only allow the feature, however, once they are confident that the trust contract will be reliable.

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