Retro gamers, rejoice: The Commodore 64 remake is coming

The old Commodore 64 console is finally getting a remake.

The manufacturer, Retro Games has revealed that the modernised model, simply called The C64, features updated technology, but the design will largely stay the same.

The C64 will include 64 pre-installed games, including California Games, Paradroid and Attack Of The Mutant Camels.

The console will have a USB connection that allows players to install additional games or programs, which can be downloaded from the C64 games archive.

At a price of around US$140 (RM579), The C64 comes with a joystick that can be connected to one of the four USB ports, and it can be hooked up to a TV or monitor with an HDMI cable.

The C64 will go on sale on Dec 5.

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