TM rolls out wireless Broadband service

To all existing and new users, Telekom Malaysia (TM) is expanding the Unifi Air high-speed wireless broadband service.

Launched earlier last month, the service was initially available to exist Streamyx customers only.

Now, the Unifi Air will be offered with a Huawei B618 wireless router for a discounted rate of RM79 a month, down from the initial RM129 price for non-Streamyx users.

The plan comes with an unlimited quota, TM said. The package comes with a wireless router in a 24-month contract while users who have their own wireless router can also sign up for RM79 a month without a contract.

Top speed of Unifi Air on both download and upload is set at 20Mbps.

According to TM, the plug-and-play Huawei B618 router can connect up to 63 devices concurrently, and has a 12-month warranty.

It can also be used outside the subscriber’s home and can be connected to in any location within Unifi’s LTE coverage range. A check on TM’s page shows connectivity across the Klang Valley and central areas in Melaka, Johor and Penang.

However, the SIM card for Unifi Air plan only supports data services and does not allow for cellular call and SMS. The users were recommended by TM to subscribe to its telephony services separately.

Started on Malaysia Day, the promo is set to run until further notice.

The service, called Unifi Home Wireless Broadband, costs RM79 a month and has a 60GB data quota, and users are given the choice to purchase the router for RM565.

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