A couple dipping topless in KK fountain!!

Source: The star

A picture of a man and a woman went dipping topless at a fountain in the city’s popular Gaya street went viral on social media yesterday.

They seem to be tourists and people saw them topless and hugging inside the fountain in a roundabout along the street in the central business district.

The time of the picture is not certain but it’s believed that it’s sometime around midnight after most businesses in the area had closed.

The couple placed their clothes on a bench beside the fountain.

A City Hall official said that the photo may be edited over social media and no complaints on it have been received yet.

But after the photo went viral on WhatsApp, an investigation is going on to find the truth of the story and who the couple was.

Steps would be taken to step up enforcement at the fountain as many have continue to ignore warnings not to enter the pool for whatever reason.

It is not the first time people, mainly tourists but also young children, took dips in the fountain. However, this would probably be the first time that they have done it topless.

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