Liza Hanim is still in action

inger Liza Hanim will continue to rival Mimpi for the semifinals of Music Music on November 9 despite being pregnant with her fifth child.

Not experiencing any difficulties until now, Liza said, having a good level of health also gives a reason for her to make the best preparation.

“Alhamdulillah my content has been in for 25 weeks, everything is in good shape. I’m still strong enough to bring this song.

“The preparation for the semi-finals is not stressful, because only one song. 

“The reason is that now I am still busy with regular performances,” he said when met at the 33th minute Music Music media conference.

Will give birth to her fifth child in January next year. For now, Liza, 39, did not even think of the next plan if the songs created by Hafiz Hamidun and Fedtri Yahya qualified for the final stage.

“I expect to give birth to this fifth child in January, so the final stage is also at least that time so do not think anymore.

“It does not matter if I want to focus on the semi-finals first,” he said.

Meanwhile, Liza also shares her fifth child gender. She will give birth to her third son for the time being Liza and her husband, Mohamed Shahrin Samsudin has yet to prepare.

“There has not been any preparation, but this time it was all new to buy because of the many baby items previously given to people. Because that time did not expect to add a child (laughs).

“Other children are also excited to get new people,” he said.

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