PKR election: Jugah doubts PKR can announce results this week

Lubok Antu MP Jugah Muyang is doubtful if Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) can announced the results of its central leaders today or anytime this week.

This is because the PKR Election Committee (JPP) still has to make decision on the dubious votes submitted by various branch JPP to the party headquarters.

“It is not over until the party has decided on what to do with the so many doubtful votes all over the nation. Concerned members would fill up the Form 11 when complaining about this,” he said.

Jugah, who is the PKR Lubok Antu branch chairman candidate said his branch was also not spared from the glitches of the e-voting system.

He alleged the system is not fool proof and there is no guarantee that it could not be manipulated at the headquarters and branch level.

Jugah who is contesting against incumbent branch chairman Nicholas Bawin (also Sarawak PKR secretary) said he still trusted the conventional ballot voting system anytime and anywhere.

He said among the complaints he had received from his ‘Team Rafizi’ supporters at Lubok Antu is that members not in the branch roll were still allowed to vote.

By Team Rafizi, he meant the PKR deputy president candidate Rafizi Ramli (also PKR vice chairman and former secretary and former Pandan MP) who is contesting against deputy president incumbent Datuk Seri Azmin Ali (who is Minister of Economic Affairs and former Selangor Menteri Besar).

Jugah who won the Lubok Antu seat last May 9 parliamentary election also claimed that it was unfair to Team Rafizi when around 100 of 300 supporters registered with the branch members were suddenly disqualified to vote yesterday at the voting center housed at SK Lubok Antu school.

In view of the disappointment, two police reports has been lodged against the branch.

On Saturday, the branch vice chairman candidate Gani Sinau lodged a police report because he was manhandled by some members after complaining why alleged non-members were allowed to vote, said Jugah.

Jugah himself lodged a police report this morning for what he alleged irregularities in the branch election process.

“I cannot say our branch has a fair or smooth election and I do not think the JPP can officially announce the result of the election today or tomorrow. Just look at the police reports and complaints lodged by concern members,” he lamented.

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