Chemical goods catches fire in Thai port, three piers closed

Fire flames ripped due to a load of goods which includes chemicals in Thailand’s eastern Laem Chabang port on Saturday. It makes authorities to evacuate employees and for the moment close three piers, authorities stated.

More than 130 people taken away to hospital. A few complaining of irritation in the eyes as well as throat, others of a burning sensation on the skin. However there have been no serious wounds, based on the Ministry of Public Health.

Red flames with clouds of thick black and white smoke poured outside of the South Korean container ship KMTC Hongkong Co. It happened through the morning and early afternoon at pier A2, port director Yuthana Mokkao said Reuters.

Primary tests revealed the blaze broke out in a load of cargo bearing the chemical calcium hypochlorite, he stated. “We shut down the pier where the fire broke out and 2 others were affected by the fire.”

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